About The Series

The Doraemons is a subseries of the Doraemon franchise that lasted from 1995-2003. Their first appearances ever were cameos in the movie 2112: The Birth Of Doraemon, but their first appearance as actual characters came from the 3DO game Doraemon Yūjō Densetsu (translated as The Doraemons: Legendary Friendship.) After that, The characters were approved to star in a spinoff series by Doraemon's original author Fujiko F. Fujio. The character's original creator and designer, Michiaki Tanaka, created their first manga in 1995 and from there the series properly started, spawning more manga and yearly short films premired alongside the yearly main-series movies of the time. The series had it's last short film in 2002, and the final manga ended just after 2003 started. When the main series rebooted in 2005, they were written out entirely, and nothing of the subseries has ever been officially translated into english.

Below is a general timeline of the subseries from beginning to end:

  • March 4, 1995 - 2112: The Birth of Doraemon
  • April 7, 1995 - Doraemon Yūjō Densetsu/The Doraemons: Legendary Friendship
  • December 16, 1995 - Original Doraemons manga by Michiaki Tanaka starts (also known as the game comics)
  • March 2, 1996 - Dorami & Doraemons: Robot School's Seven Mysteries
  • December 16, 1996 - The Doraemons Special manga starts
  • December 21, 1996 - It's Christmas! Doraemon & Doraemons Super Special
  • March 8, 1997 - The Doraemons: The Puzzling Challenge Letter of the Mysterious Thief Dorapin
  • March 7, 1998 - Doraemons: The Great Operation of Springing Insects
  • March 6, 1999 - Doraemons: Funny Candy of Okashinana!?
  • May 28, 1999 - The Doraemons Special: Robot Training School starts
  • March 4, 2000 - Doraemons: Doki Doki Wildcat Engine
  • March 9, 2001 - Dorami-chan & Doraemons: Space Land's Critical Event
  • March 28, 2001 - Original Doraemons manga by Michiaki Tanaka ends (also known as the game comics)
  • March 9, 2002 - Doraemons: Goal! Goal! Goal!!
  • September 28, 2002 - The Doraemons Special manga ends
  • January 28, 2003 - The Doraemons Special: Robot Training School ends

!!! Please note that this timeline is incomplete! There are entries in the series that we either don't have dates for (like the latest doraemon encyclopedia volumes 1 and 2 or the giant cake loss case short) or entries that we're entirely unaware of. Keep in mind that this website is ran by an english speaker, so information isn't as readily available to fact check since Doraemon as a whole isn't very popular nor very documented in America. !!!

About The Project

Allow me, the website maker, to get a little personal for a bit.
As english-speaking newcomers to the series, my partner and I found it difficult to track down a lot of entries in this series. No matter where we looked or what we looked for, it proved a challenge to find-from entries translated into english (or any language really), to the source files......even information ABOUT the series is scarce. So, I started collecting all the links that us and fellow members of the fan community have found over time and am now assembling this website to make it easier for anyone interested to peruse at their leisure. I hope this website can be a valuable resource to both newcomers and long-term fans alike.
Currently, this website is nothing but a glorified link collection, organized and bundled up all into one place for ease of access. Some friends and I are working on getting our own copies to archive and translate ourselves, but that's only a dream. Hence why I refer to this as a "project"-eventually there'll be more for us to do than share links we've found, when the day comes this website is undoubtedly the first place you'll hear about it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to share what we've found across the web in the meantime. The goal is accessibility-we'll host as many translations as we can find and label them accordingly. Even though the website is in english, hopefully it can help everyone!
One last thing. When I say "we" on this website, there isn't one solid group of people I'm talking about. The only person making the website is me, but I don't feel like I'm the only one contributing to it if that makes sense. My friends and fellow fans who found the links and brought them together from all over, the translators who worked hard to subtitle each special in their own language, the rippers and uploaders who put it up on the internet for us all to see in the first place....there's just so much that goes into building and maintaining a community like this, let alone preserving it and bringing it to new audiences. Because of this immense dedication, this small subseries has been kept alive in the hearts of fans for decades after it came and went. I think that's beautiful. With all that in mind, the "we" used on all other parts of the website is referring to something nebulous. It refers to every fan who's ever contributed anything, since their work could end up here whether we know who they are or not. There's no solid team behind this website, just years of work from numerous fans all being curated and shared here by yours truly. I use "we" because there's no way I alone would be willing to take credit for that.
This website is both made for and dedicated to fans of this series that have as much passion for it as I do. We all share the joy this series brings us, so I hope we'll be able to share it with even more people now that it's all in one place!